What Can Bryan Heating Services Do For You?

Free Survey, Assessment & Quotation

Book a free quote by email or by calling us- Our heating expert will visit your home and give you a free fixed price quote, you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay and each stage of the job will be explained from start to finish.

New boiler installation or central heating system upgrade

Save £££ now by installing a new band A rated central heating boiler with radiator controls and temperature controls.

Full central heating installations

Install a Baxi, Vaillant or Worcester Bosch Combination Boiler with compact Radiators, thermostatic radiator valves and temperature controls.

Energy efficiency improvements

Our expert will advise you on how to reduce any money and heat loss and increase the efficiency of your system with simple alterations to your system.

System Cleansing

Scale and corrosion builds up over time affecting the performance of your system. If your heating system is not properly protected from scale and corrosion it could mean not only damage to your boiler,but also higher fuel bills due to the fact it needs to burn more fuel to heat your home. Using an inhibitor will help protect the mechanics of the system & improve the performance of your heating system , leading to lower energy consumption & lower heating bills . Once the inhibitor is added to your system it doesnt need to be replaced unless th esystem is drained down.

System Power flushing

Water in central heating system is contaminated with rust, sludge and other debris because of internal corrosion. These corrosion products are causing circulation and boiler noise problems,premature failures of heating system components & reducing system efficiency (increasing your fuel bills). the system needs to be flushed & cleaned & the best solution is to powerflush.

Unvented or Vented hot water tank renewals or upgrades
Radiators or System upgrades

* Payment on completion & satisfaction only

Gas Safety Inspections and Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Bryan Heating takes gas safety seriously and all our engineers are qualified to undertake gas safety inspections.

In 1996 the government passed a law that requires all landlords, who rent either part or all of a property, to have all household gas appliances and pipes checked every 12 months with a Landlord gas safety certificate to this effect.

What does a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection include?

· Check appliance for gas tightness

· Check standing and working pressures if test points are available

· Check burner pressure/gas rate against manufacturers guidlelines

· Check for satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation

· Test flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion

· Check satisfactory operation of all the flame failure devices

· Check for physical stability, presence and effectiveness of stability brackets

· Investigate any evidence on unsafe operation and report to the person responsible

If you wish to book a gas safety inspection with or without a service please contact us.

Boiler FAQs

What is a Condensing Boiler?

A condensing boiler makes more of the energy it runs on by using heat normally expelled through the flue. By converting over 90% of the fuel used (rather than just 50% in the case of some old boilers), a condensing boiler makes your fuel go further. Therefore, a condensing boiler can help to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

What is a Combi Boiler?

Combi is short for 'combination'. It refers to the way this type of system serves as both a central heating boiler and a hot water heater. That means there's no need for a water tank as hot water is provided on demand. As well as saving the space normally taken up by a water tank (in the loft or airing cupboard), a combi boiler saves on hot water costs as well as giving you hot water at mains pressure.

What is a Regular Boiler?

This typically forms part of a conventional heating system, and is linked to a series of water tanks that feed the boiler and radiators. Storing hot water is key to this system, so unlike a combi, a plentiful supply of hot water is always available. Space in the loft and airing cupboard is required for tanks.

What is a System Boiler?

Like a regular system, this uses stored hot water. But because the water is pumped from the boiler straight to the radiators and hot water tank, it's a faster, more economical system. What's more, many of the components of the system are builtin, making it easier, quicker and more affordable to install.

Boiler Service

Bathroom Work

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